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★ 30,000

Speaking of page views, yesterday marked a new milestone for this humble little site – seeing the 30,000th page view, a neat achievement for something I do purely out of interest.

To give you some sense of scale for this (because many more other websites will see 30,000 page views in any given month, easily), over the last four years this site saw an average of 23 page views per day, or around 650-700 per month – making the 30,000 view milestone a nice long term reward for the ongoing design and creation of this blog. This year things seem to also have kicked up a notch, with a monthly average of around 1000, and 38-40 page views per day. Wonderful!

(I do think page views are a odd way to measure the success of a blog, the reach and audience and so on.. but the sad fact is that page views are a cold, hard measure of interest in your writing, and numbers like that can’t be refuted, and nor are they easily replaced by other measures – although i’m completely open to hearing suggestions on how else we could do it.)


★ bit of a stretch, that

Amit Runchal on android activations;

The last time Rubin talked about Android activations was back in June, when he said that 500,000 devices were being activated daily, and that they were seeing week-to-week activation growth of 4.4%. There’ve been about 25 weeks between the two tweets. Some quick math reveals that week-to-week growth since June hasn’t been anywhere close to the 4.4% Rubin was seeing. It’s now closer to 1.4%.
Probably a bit of a stretch to say that Horace’s graph seems to be tapering off.. ]]>