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Uber redefines transport again, this time it’s buses

A recent twitter furore erupted over scandalous comments made by Emil Michaels, an Uber executive, at a private dinner function, concerning a suggested counter-strategy of dirt digging directed towards journalists who’ve published negative articles about Uber. In particular, digging up private personal dirt on female journalists like Sarah Lacy, Editor in Chief of tech news site PandoDaily.

According to Business Insider, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick took to Twitter and threw Michaels ‘under the bus‘, apologising for the comments made and distancing the company from them. Decisive action, taken in dire circumstances:

“Uber CEO Travis Kalanick took to Twitter today to clean up Michael’s PR mess. He hasn’t fired Michael, but he did acknowledge that the comments were inappropriate.”

Alyson Shontell [sic] at Business Insider, writes “Uber CEO Throws Uber Executive Under The Bus For The Company’s Latest Face-Plant”

Wait, where’s the bus?

This kind of soft verbal hyperbole is link bait (ok, you got me), unhelpful and completely misleading.