Bright Hearts

A revolutionary biofeedback meditation app.

BrightHearts is a relaxing interactive artwork that responds to decreases in your heart rate, designed for use with MIO "Link", and "Alpha" heart rate sensors.

BrightHearts is a biofeedback artwork created to give you beautiful feedback on your breathing and heart rate, in real time.

BrightHearts combines real-time biofeedback data with beautiful, interactive visuals and sounds to help you relax, relate and reflect on your body's natural patterns.

BrightHearts helps you to observe and gently regulate your breathing to increase your Heart Rate Variability (HRV), producing a highly ordered, wave-shaped patterning of the heart rhythm known as ‘respiratory sinus arrhythmia’.

Biofeedback training to increase HRV has been shown to be an effective a treatment for a variety of stress and anxiety related conditions.