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Bringing the progressive calendar to Australia

David Malki (creator of the insanely great web comic wondermark) recently posted a progressive calendar PDF that he’d produced for printing & hanging. I’ve long thought that this kind of calendar is so much better than calendars with months separated by white space, but never thought about creating one of my own.

When I saw David’s calendar, it was a no-brainer to download it for my own use. But there was one small problem. David’s based in the USA, so some of the details of the calendar are US-centric. The Daylight Savings dates, for instance. Or all of the holidays. These aren’t deal-breakers for me, but wouldn’t it be so much better if you could have one with Australian dates?

Well, now you can. I downloaded and tweaked David’s calendar PDF to reflect the correct Australian dates for 2015. You too can now download the Australian Holidays 2015 calendar. Thanks again to David Malki for the idea & the heavy lifting on the original calendar.

[Update: David added this page to his download section on wondermark! João Paulo Bernardes has also made a Brazilian version! Spread the love..]