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103 lessons learnt about street photography

  • Beware using telephoto lenses in street photography. Remember, “Creepiness is proportional to focal length.”

  • Eric Kim at Digital Photography School

    As someone who hasn’t done much street photography where I live, this list is like a view into a completely new world for me. My partner loves photography over all other forms of art, images from the street in particular. It’s all about the human stories to her, the ones that leave you with more questions than answers. Those are the best kinds of images, the ones that give you a glimpse into someone else’s life. This is the key to great street photography. I think it comes from a natural curiosity about who people are, underneath the layers of civility and society. Who we really are underneath these layers, the masks, the façades we construct daily. It’s completely linked to authenticity, but I think it’s more than that – it’s about truly seeing who someone is. It’s about insight.