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★ Warning: Upcoming Churn

I’ve hosted on for the last 4 years, and I’ve been fairly happy with their service. It was a breeze to set up the gmail hosted account, and their web hosting seemed quite nice and simple to use (aside from a few stumbles starting up wikis and wordpress the wrong way..). Very recently I started using to host a few other websites (on wordpress) and was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was. No longer did I need to configure databases, the server-side install was a breeze and the automatic tools made life much easier. It all seemed so much nicer than my cludgy install over here and I started thinking of greener grasses elsewhere.

This past week I took the plunge. I’ve churned from MyDomain to just host. The thing that got me to churn in the end was the apparent inability for MyDomain to upgrade my account to php5 from 4. This resulted in the latest WordPress (3.3 at time of writing) refusing installation, and a bunch of useful plugins throwing fatal errors. So I’ve decided to up roots and move on over to justhost. I can foresee a number of problems in doing so, and I wouldnt be surprised if this site sees some minimal amount of downtime. In the long run its worth it. All the old links should still work just fine, and the feed won’t be affected (I’m fairly sure of that). I thought I ought to warn you of the downtime and leave you with the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing that I’m thinking of all of you.

I’ll keep on writing here in the meantime, I’m not even sure when the churn will happen and how painful it will be. We’ll soon see!

[update] I’m reposting this as the churn has happened and I lost a few old articles. Goes to show you can never be too careful backing up your site..