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★ the bigger picture

A bit of a small train of thought piece coming up.  This was inspired by these twopostsby Marco Arment.

I’m glad I follow people like MarcoMichaelJason. They’re writers who take a longer view on life, industry and on this whole blogging thing, and in many ways have been doing this for a long time.

Certainly longer than I have. It really helps, seeing others who’re facing conceptual struggles I can relate to, and taking a stance on what they’re all about. Even if they don’t know specifically what they’re producing (or perhaps that’s actually the point, that what’s being made can’t be labelled so easily), they’re prepared to stick to the core goals of the site. The blog is the internet representation of their interests, so it shouldn’t be one dimensional. It shouldn’t fit into a sound-bite. It shouldn’t make things easy for google to stick ads into. Life doesn’t fit into small boxes, and their writing reflects this.

I don’t know what the specific goals are for this place.  In previous versions it’s been a wiki, a blog, a folio site and back to a blog.  I didn’t feel that comfortable having a polished, finished piece of work on display.  I’m not a web designer, nor do I code in html.  I see this place as a spot to pen my thoughts without fear nor favour.  It doesn’t work to any agenda other than to put it all down as it happens.  I hope to have the level of reflection, thought and foresight found elsewhere, but I also don’t want to hold myself to a standard I will need to grow.

One of my goals is to keep at it, though.  I do see the importance of persevering.   I’ve had too many half-hearted goes at making this thing sing.  This time feels good, as I’m not doing it for anyone else.