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★ Mind the door on your way out

I’m actually quite sad to say this, but I’ve decided to shut down comments on this blog. On one hand I’m disappointed to do this, as the potential for worthwhile discussion and conversation is incredibly interesting to me, however on the other hand maintaining and removing spam comments just doesn’t seem worthwhile.  Even given the tiny amount of traffic this blog sees, the amount of effort that goes into maintaining my spam inbox seems unnecessarily high.  I know there are better spam filters which I could look to — but to be honest, I’d much rather put my time and effort into finding interesting things to share, and thinking about how these things might affect people’s lives.  This is the unstated purpose of the blog, and as nice as it is to receive comments, I can see more value in other uses of my time.

A bunch of other, really smart people have made similar decisions, and I look to their example and reasoning.  They have more lofty visions of inspiring you to write considered thoughts yourself.  Whilst I share their vision, I can honestly say this is a selfish decision.  I do hope you’re engaged by what I write, and that you’re inspired to take a position on the matter yourself.  You’re more than welcome to do the same as I do – write about it and share your thoughts with the world.   Send me a link, share your thoughts over twitter, host your own webspace – I don’t mind.  Leaving comments on my blog, however, is no longer an option.  If you’re one of the few who do choose to leave comments on my page (you’re more than likely to be software rather than human, so I don’t fully know why I would bother addressing you at all..), you’ll be sorely missed.  For the rest of you, feel free to get in touch via any other media you choose.

Now, back to your usual programming..

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