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★ Make a decision

Thisgot me thinking today, and I must say I couldn’t agree more. The key to this is making a decision.

Look at your market, make some reasonable guesses, and be honest with yourself about what you’re gaining versus what you lose. Make a decision.

Just please, don’t sit and agonise over it – or before you know it, the new version has become old, and you’re back where you started. Tick tock.

Any business (new or incumbent) approaching a changing market has to be prepared to try, experiment, prototype and iterate its offering. Unless you’re prepared to try and fail, you can’t begin to try doing things differently and disrupting others. Failing to fail, can lead to you being disrupted yourself, by others who are prepared to learn from failure.

The simplest definition I can come up with for design, is a rational set of decisions relating to material, arrangement or operation, intending to resolve the needs of a particular problem. The better you define the problem, the more equipped you are to solve it.

Be conscious of your decisions, the reasons for taking them, and the impact they will have. Learn, iterate and grow should be the mantra of our immediate future.