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★ Let's pick a phone

Sebastiaan de With (author of the marvelous cocoia blog) recently made a small poster visualising the many flavours of android available in the US. Consumer choice is appallingly complex, with so many variables and trade-offs it’s hard to decide where you should draw the line. I’ve been considering a new Android phone recently, for a number of reasons but mainly to have a decent camera with me more often than not. I’ve found it increasingly frustrating! How are you meant to memorise names like Samsung Galaxy S™ II Epic™ 4G Touch or any of the many hundreds of equally forgettable variants on that? I’m all for flexibility, choice and competition in the — but this is ridiculous. It almost makes me yearn for the days when it was mainly cameras that had this much product choice variation, back when phones were a simple decision between Nokia, Motorola and… well that’s about it. Almost.]]>