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★ Google barred

Things do changequickly! I actually don’t mind the black navigation bar on the google sites, it had a bit of a welcome unifying effect on their products. I don’t mind the new google bar, but I do wonder how much this a) deals with the new touch based paradigm we’re learning, or b) will frustrate me by introducing one or two more clicks for specific menu items.

I likedhaving access to the main products in one spot. I hatenavigating multi-click menus.

I do agree with MG, regarding the likelihood that the google navigation will eventually creep up into the browser controls themselves, but I do wonder if that will make them easier or harder to find/use? The google search has been a part of the browser as far back as I can remember (showing my age here), so that precedent has been set. It will certainly be one way for google to differentiate their browser even further, it even seems more like a step towards an OS based experience than a browser based experience.