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Skinform in the flesh

An update on Skinform:

Earlier this year Joanne Jakovich and I ran a studio in the new Master of Architecture program at UTS, named Computational Environments. The major project completed by the students was the Skinform project, which ironically enough has taken on a life of its’ own. After having completed the project and installed it for the end of semester exhibition, the project has also been installed separately at UTS. The project was slated to be seen lately at the Sydney Architecture Festival at Customs House, however due to inclement weather the installation was called off.

Thanks to some quick thinking and generous SAF organisation we were able to install a small mock-up inside ground floor of Customs House and demonstrate it verbally with an unsuspecting public. The demonstration went very well, thanks to some dedicated students and inquisitive members of the public, so the outlook is good for another installment of the Skinform in the foreseeable future. Keep your eyes peeled.