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dokuWiki Snafu

Lately I’ve been configuring and (almost) loving the ease of use and simplicity of my brand new wiki. However, there have been some serious teething problems, which have not gone unnoticed.  If the wiki page does not load, you know that I have not yet solved my problems! The wiki page problems have been resolved and I will be using my wiki to post ideas, projects, working solutions and anything else that seems relevant to my research work.  Anyway, you can read all about my former problems below..

Having only ever seen the power of the wiki through the consistent use of wikipedia, I had no inkling of the incredible flexibility and strength allowed by the community built web model. Once I made the decision to get serious with my online visibility (facebook alone doesn’t really cut it!) I investigated the various ways in which I could execute, with this wordpress blog being one of them. DokuWiki immediately caught my attention as a flexible, extensibleand remarkably powerful web platform to use for my project work, collaborative projects and even as a file storage/blogging medium. If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out dokuWiki, or even the available list of dokuWiki plugins I would highly recommend it. Just for your info, dokuWiki uses php scripts to load pages, which are saved as simple .txt files on your webserver. You can embed php and html in your pages, so badges and other such things (video, maps etc) will work very easily. It also supports the fantastic page creation technique (make a link to a new page, click on the link, choose the ‘would you like to create this page?’ option and voila! your new page is ready to go) which makes life a whole lot nicer for dynamic content.

Rude Awakening
Having said all that, i think it’s safe to say that the honeymoon period is over (I’m happy again!).  After a few false starts, I managed to change the colour of the link text in my template file (hoorah) and a few other things, before fiddling a little bit further and breaking my wiki!  One of the settings in the config page was to canonise and use nice html URL’s for each page (instead of the php?-pagename that comes as standard), which I thought was a great idea at the time.  Within seconds of selecting these options and saving the config, my wiki pages all directed themselves to sometimes non-existant pages in this blog! Whilst I had considered this to be a nice ‘feature’ to be turned on at a later date, my entire wiki points variously to bits of my blog.  Not happy.

I’m currently reinstalling and resetting my wiki in the hope that it will solve these issues, and I will update this blog with the news as it breaks. These issues have been fixed!  Back to the simple life of creating, updating and wiki-ing on the fly!