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★ pixeltag update

The pixeltag project has progressed once again;

  • the interface has been amended slightly to allow for yaw input (not just roll) as the ‘x’ axis data,
  • the ‘cursor’ item has been implemented, allowing the user to see where they are about to draw prior to doing so,
  • The up/down ratios have been adjusted to allow for nicer wrist movement.Tony Curran came by the studio today to give the pixeltag a test drive – he seemed pleased with the current level of interaction and novelty of the system, but asked for the following things;
  • IR sensor location for the ‘z’ axis (depth into/off the screen)
  • different input sensors (such as any one of the many phidget interfaces)
  • tighter control over strokes
  • pressure sensitivity for subtle differences (computer intuition, perhaps?) between strokesthis last point is an interesting one, as it would allow for varying conditions to be created by the user’s own interaction with the system, rather than a simple closed system with a predefined output. 

I have some ideas for the nunchuck that could work well with the wii as a dual mode interface (left/right hands doing different things..!)