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Politcom! The new sitcom

Over the last few weeks we’ve seen the birth of a new kind of show, something so alarming that it’s somehow also become funny — the polit-com. So far the current US presidential race has had all the hallmarks of a cookie-cutter network sitcom (2-3 protagonists, an opponent, ‘foot-in-mouth’ slapstick comedy, absurd situations based on in-jokes or humourous ignorance). The McCain/Palin train has repeatedly taken on the resemblance of something you might expect to see on comedy central — not as serious presidential candidature.

The GOP team also seems to be going from strength to strength in the ludicrous political-spin categories (starting with jokey, homespun cheesiness and now moving smoothly into something more sinister, even bordering on racial fear-mongering) it really seems as though we’re watching high school debating or a popularity contest, not a presidential election.In light of all this, and in case the November election doesn’t go the Republican way, I thought perhaps the next-best outcome might be some kind of sit-com TV spin-off.  To kick things off, I’ve outlined a potential first season pitch that could be taken to the networks.

Possible titles

McPalin / McPain / one and a half candidates’ / The McCain Train etc. etc.

Episode List

EP101 ‘McCain train’.

John finds himself in open water, with not a competitive Republican candidate around!  What will he do with all of his spare time – push for social reform, push for washington to forget partisan politics or just shoot pool with his politician buddies?  McCain eases into his new life as republican candidate by making some small changes, clearing his desk, rearranging his picture frames and considering his running mate.

EP102 ‘the running mate’.

John’s taken too long to decide on a running mate, it’s almost nomination time and he’s not at all prepared!  To make matters worse, his two best friends have been disqualified by the GOP as not being suitable, and it’s already September!  How will John get out of this mess!?

EP103 ‘new girl’

Sarah tries to settle in to the new role as VP candidate, despite mean reporters in washington pointing out all of her weaknesses. Watch as Sarah is harassed by the ‘media’ as they try to shake her, pointing out her lack of foreign policy experience, conservative christian views and terrible fashion sense!

EP104 ‘the interview’

Palin gives her first in-depth interview as the new VPC, with hilarious consequences!  Having not spoken to the reporters since they made fun of her earlier, Sarah finds herself way out of her depth!  Watch as she weaves disconnected sentences together, faking her way out of a tight spot – with one particularly memorable call on our Russian comrades!

EP105 ‘the debates’

Both John and Sarah face tough debates in the run up to the election.  What will be the topics of choice, Sarah’s hairstyle, John’s facebook friend list or the scariness of a name like ‘Obama’!?  Watch as sarah and john pop-quizz each other on issues like abortion, alaskan drilling and the booming economy!

EP106 ‘Palin-gate’

Skeletons from Sarah’s past come out of the closet, as some of her prior actions as Mayor of Wasillia come to light.  Will these new allegations ruin her chances for the VP role? Will the reporters ever stop being so mean? How can she spin these awful allegations into a positive light and will it make her new found friends stop liking her?

To qualify the above, I don’t think the US presidential race is something to be joked about, however in light of all of the GOP rubbish and terrifyingly irresponsible decision making – think ‘Putin rears his head’ — it seems the only thing we can do here is laugh, and hope that somewhere in the US people are listening.