★ Screaming Rapture

Screaming Rapture is one hell of a public spectacle, a full body experience and a cleansing of the palette. Screaming Rapture waits patiently for the right notes, the right voices, waves of sound that will tease open its lidded eyes to show the radiant white gaze within. Its large rectilinear form broods silently, waiting for the sounds of the audience. As footsteps approach, a flutter of eyelids occur, revealing slivers of its gaze. Someone coughs, more lids flicker, form waves of light that cascade across the moving surface.

Attracted by the lights someone turns and shouts, the radiant luster is once again revealed from the corners of the eye, spreading light rapidly across the face. The pulsating patterns set off a murmur in the crowd, they speak quietly, among themselves. The fluttering grows, resulting in more shouts and noise until wave upon wave of light splashes out across the audience. They raise their voices, they call out for more.

The eyelids respond to the sound, opening further, each lid working to show the brilliance of the rapture’s gaze. The audience clap, they shout and they cheer until the darkened lids are flung wide open. They scream and shout at the rapture, staring at the resplendent sea of endless white. An ever-moving throng of bodies bathing in mutual attention.

Those who came first to discover its secrets, shy away in search of relief. Those who cannot bear to look anymore, close their eyes, shielding them with their hands. They turn away, unable to see those who take their place in front of the radiant gaze. The crowd opens to swallow those who’ve been cleansed, who start out into the night, blinking and rubbing their eyes. No more, they say, it’s so bright…

How it works

Step 1. Go to Circular Quay
Step 2. Walk around the promenade, to find Screaming Rapture in front of the MCA.
Step 3. Move closer, then cough, speak, stamp or clap your hands — then watch what happens.
Step 4. Directional microphones capture your sounds, and computer software translates this noise into light & motion on the artwork. Lightweight panels move to reveal a bright fluorescence light shining from within.
Step 5. Gaze on in wonder, as the artwork creates a spectacular sound-to-light show for you.

See you there.