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★ Use your voice

Now isn’t this interesting. Apparently the way we talk to Siri is changing the way we talk to one another.

Person teased by friend for ordering cheeseburger with exaggerated clarity. “Now that I use Siri, I enunciate everything.” #newaesthetic

It’s not the first time this has been suggested, back in November Adam noted the significant distinction between thinking of Siri as a better human-computer-interaction device, and the effects it is having on human-human-interaction.

You learn quickly that Siri has certain expectations, certain limitations, and must be spoken to with a certain cadence reflecting a certain pattern of thought. Speaking to Siri is a lot like speaking to someone whose English isn’t so strong. It works better if you naturally pre-diagram your sentences and order them rudimentarily.

Which is to say, Siri will teach us how to talk to Siri but maybe more importantly, how to talk to each other.

I can’t begin to think of where this is going, but in my mind this sort of thing is linked to the discussion going on around the machine readable world, yet it’s so clearly machine-driven human behaviour.  People choosing to communicate far more clearly, as the result of a machine being unable to understand you.

It didn’t work with the Newton, 20 years ago, but it’s working with the iPhone in 2012.