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★ Say it, don't spray it.

This evening, Khoi blogged about ‘fixing’ a broken iOS home button with WD40. His experience suggests that even the most stubborn or bizarre home button can be resolved with this cheap solution.

In my experience, on not just my own iPhone 4 but also on my girlfriend’s, WD-40 restores the responsiveness of the iPhone’s home button to basically like-new condition. I just sprayed a little bit of WD-40 directly on the button, then pressed the button rapidly a few dozen times, tested its responsiveness afterwards, then repeated the process two or three times until it began to improve. Then I used the phone for a day or two to see how well the button did in actual use; I found that after a few days the problem ebbed back slightly, at which point I applied more WD-40. After the second or third application, the responsiveness remained indefinitely.

I can’t say this has even crossed my mind, it does seem like a poor solution to a minor problem – not something I would seriously consider. Fixing a knob on a stereo with WD40 is very different to fixing the one physical button on the front of an iPhone. It would seem that others agree.

Never in a million years would I have thought to spray WD-40 on a gadget. Even after hearing Khoi’s testimony I still don’t know if I could bring myself to do it.

That’s Shawn Blanc. Even more certainty here, from Ben Brooks.

I highly — highly — recommend that you do not do this.

In short, I think it’s a pretty bad idea. Take it back to the store, at least. Those geniuses can fix anything.