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★ Learning Processing (again)

So, tonight I had the idea to download a few of my old processing sketches, to dust off the code and have a bit of a play. Before long I noticed just how dusty my processing memory/skills have become, after having spent much more than a year or so working primarily in c++ (openframeworks). The idea of re-learning some old and new things is at once both daunting and exciting..

The other thing I noticed was a collection of sketches I created whilst learning how to code in Java, using Daniel Shiffman’s excellent Learning Processing guidebook as my primary reference. Zoog (pictured above) is one of the characters you meet and create as you go, guided by Dan’s patient and careful writing. I couldn’t help but be tunnelled back in time (to 2008? 2009?), to when I was learning how to create interactive pieces with code in earnest. The knowledge gap between now and then is so immense, I immediately felt grateful that I’d had enough opportunities to stretch, test, learn and grow through (sometimes painful) experience. I’ve been given ample opportunities to earn my chops in this game, and I wouldn’t change any one bit of it.

So apart from that stab of nostalgia, I’m once again feeling slightly nervous about opening up processing again. I intend on updating and posting here a few computer vision examples that were created 3 years ago (an eternity, surely, in CV terms), about which, a few of you have written me. It may take some time, given how rusty I am. The examples should hopefully only need a healthy smatter of comments before posting – but you never know, I might get carried away.. We’ll see.